Who We Are

small camper van

To understand Caravan Outfitter, one needs to look back on the golden age of the Volkswagen camper here in the U.S. Those magical VW’s formed the ultimate combination of an everyday vehicle with one perfect for camping.

They were economical, simple, functional, and filled with character. Unfortunately, Volkswagen stopped bringing those campervans into America many years ago. This was sad news for a couple of brothers who owned and sold these vans all over the Northwest from their Campbell-Nelson Volkswagen dealership.

Now we can fast forward to 2015 when it was decided by these same brothers that it was high time for the affordable, everyday campervan to return to the great Northwest.

Being car dealers ourselves, we found the Nissan NV200 to be the perfect 2-person replacement for the Westfalia of yesteryear. We rolled up our sleeves, hired engineers, and began experimenting with countless ideas under our new business adventure Caravan Outfitter LLC. With a few prototypes under our belts, we began to build the dream campervan.

Two years later, we released a tribute to those old Westfalias with the all new Free Bird Camper. This multi-purpose campervan has been built with enduring quality to ensure that you will have many years of enjoyment. The Free Bird Camper can be purchased at our Edmonds location where you will find our professional staff ready to help.

Our hope is to see a new generation of people enjoying the simple pleasure of driving out of town and into a new world of adventure anytime they please.

Kurt & Craig Campbell (the Brothers)