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Nissan Camper Van Proves Good Things Come In Small Packages

By Christopher Smith; Published: February 28, 2019
It uses a modular system to be a work van through the week, and a camper on the weekends. When it comes to camping, some people prefer to go all-in while others seek a less obvious, compact approach. This Nissan NV200 falls into the latter category, but it offers camping features with a modular twist. Rather than being outfitted as a dedicated RV...Read More

Escape With Free Bird

By Christina Nellemann; Published: February 15th, 2019
Anyone who has traveled through Europe may have seen the smart, efficient, and tiny camper vans available to people across the pond. Put niggling jealousy aside, these types of vans are thankfully becoming more readily available to buyers in the U.S. thanks to independent companies willing to experiment...Read More

2019 Seattle RV Show Highlights

By Dave Helgeson; Published: 02 February 2019
Looking for a Class B Van?...Be sure to visit the Caravan Outfitter (Campbell Nissan) display where you will find the Free Bird camper. Read More

Modular camper van sleeps two and hauls gear, asks $37K

By Megan Barber; CURBED Oct 22, 2018, 12:46pm EDT
It’s a daily driver and camper in one. The allure of #VanLife is strong, from the nomadic lifestyle to the ability to camp wherever, whenever. But although it seems like everyone wants a camper van these days, it’s not always practical for some people... Read More

Multifunctional $37K Free Bird camper van bridges van life with work life

By C.C. Weiss; New Atlas; September 13th, 2018
Find an affordable, multifunctional and downright awesome new camper van model and chances are pretty good it's only available in Europe. It can be kind of frustrating to those of us in the US. But with a big push from #vanlife.... Read More

Free Bird Adventure with Leslie & John!!

Meet Leslie & John. They love everything outdoors and are constantly in search of the best bites. Leslie Kelly is a former food writer for various newspapers and currently, she writes for The Spokesman-Review. Leslie & John recently sold their home and are hitting the road, exploring America... Read More

Free Bird Review From Tom and Linda

Meet Tom & Linda Roe, with their Free Bird! They are our first customer to purchase this amazing small campervan. They first saw it on the 'Everett Home & Garden Show' and fell in love with it instantly... Read More

9 Lessons We Learned Living In A Van For 10 Days

Earlier this June, Berty and I went on a road trip down the Pacific Coast living in a van for 10 days. Some highlights included exploring the Oregon Coast, Point Reyes National Seashore, exploring Yosemite National Park, and visiting the Painted Hills. We worked with a new camper van company called Caravan Outfitter, which converts Nissan cargo vans into modern day adventure vans. Perfect for a trip like ours! Read More

Six Reasons Why We Love the Freebird

Fri., July 27, 2018, 9:47 a.m. - By John Nelson, Leslie Kelly
You’ve gotta love a recreational vehicle that drives like a car. That’s exactly what you get with the Freebird, a product offered by Campbell Nissan of Edmonds, just north of Seattle. For anyone who wants to keep things simple, the Freebird is fantastic. Built on the compact Nissan NV200 chassis, it offers many advantages over larger RVs. We tried it out on a trip to Central Oregon over five days and had a blast.Read More