Free Bird Adventure with Leslie & John!!

August 4th, 2019 by

Meet Leslie & John. They love everything outdoors and are constantly in search of the best bites. Leslie Kelly is a former food writer for various newspapers and currently, she writes for The Spokesman-Review. Leslie & John recently sold their home and are hitting the road, exploring America. They have always wanted to try something different, crazy and wild. They looked at a lot of different vehicles, from a fancy Mercedes convertible camper which was very expensive to a huge yet super comfy RV, which drove like a bus and every bump you hit slows you down. In the end, they kept coming back to a Nissan camper conversion which she saw right here in Seattle. It is our very own Nissan NV200 called the Free Bird. The Free Bird offers everything they were looking for including incredible gas mileage and very reasonable pricing starting at only $34k! It will give them the opportunity to explore America in the new and exciting way they were hoping for. Leslie & John recently took the new Free Bird to Bend, Oregon. Part of their goal is to visit as many national parks as possible. Since Leslie is a food writer one of her other goals is to sample different local cuisines and then try to re-create them in the Free Bird. Even though the kitchen is tiny, it’s super trendy (see pics of some culinary highlights from their awesome trip to Oregon!!) She has already made smoked salmon, grilled steak, and tuna salad. She is loving the challenge of cooking in a whole new way. Leslie specifically enjoys the small drawer fridge in the Free Bird which is coming in very handy. Their next big kick will be in August. After attending the Pearl Jam Concert, John & Leslie will be heading to Alaska. In December they plan to explore California (Leslie’s hometown), where they look forward to exploring small unknown places which have not necessarily been explored before. We wish Leslie and John a wonderful adventure ahead & thank them for sharing their story with us!!

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