Caravan Outfitter Free Bird Tiny Camper Has Everything You Need for a Stealth Adventure

February 7th, 2022 by

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always dreamed of a stealth camper that I could use for everyday trips and could also be able to offer accommodation for two in an outdoor adventure. It turns out, I just came across the perfect one, put together by Caravan Outfitters, starting from a mundane Ford Transit Connect Passenger Wagon in LWB form.

A tiny camper has certain disadvantages when it comes to space and amenities. For instance, it’s usually not suited for off-grid adventure and, most of the time, it barely accommodates more than two people. But as more ingenuity is put into these tiny vans, they get cleverer at packing everything you need. It certainly beats having only a tent loaded into the trunk of your SUV, as a tiny caravan comes with its own bed and even kitchenette.

But the main advantage is being able to go totally stealth, without letting anyone know you’re driving a tiny house on wheels. At least when it comes to Caravan Outfitter’s Free Bird, this camper really earns its name. As they describe it, the Free Bird is the “ultimate combination of an everyday vehicle with one perfect for camping,” and it just got better for the 2022 model year.

As you could imagine, the LWB version of the Ford Transit Connect Passenger Wagon is already a pretty practical vehicle, but Caravan Outfitter took it to the next level. The van offers seating for four people, both on the road and at the camping site. With the rear seats folded, a full-sized bed can be deployed with perfect comfort for two adults. An overhead tent is also there for a two-couple adventure.

The 2022 camper features a redesigned kitchen box at the back, complete with a gas stove and a sink. The folding table can be used for games, meals, or as a workstation. Caravan Outfitter even offers a back tent to keep all of this protected from the elements. And, of course, the Free Bird would not be worthy of its name without auxiliary power. This comes courtesy of an 85 Ah AGM battery with a 300-watt inverter to power the 110-volt outlets.