Customer Testimonials

We drove our Free Bird camper home to Chicago from the dealership in Washington. Eight states, five days and two-thousand miles. It was more of a mission to get home than a leisurely trip, but the van proved to be everything we were looking for. It was a comfortable vehicle to drive and a comfortable camper in which to sleep.
Mango Mike
Just had our first trip in the Free Bird van and we LOVE it! There is plenty of storage space, more than I imagined. And one of the best things-the bed is super comfortable. I was concerned at first that it would be too small, but we found that it's just perfect-with the cargo box on top, the awning, it has plenty of room. And this was one of the best car buying experiences I've ever had-the salesman, the owners, we even met the builder of the van-everyone was so enthusiastic and helpful. I can't say enough good things about this van. I feel lucky to have found our way to Caravan Outfitters. Thanks, everyone!
Bonnie Ward
This van merges all the necessities (plus some!) with compact-size, making it perfect for away from the home adventures. We love the fridge, all the storage space, and the head room! My husband and I were grateful for this van x100 on our road-trip up to Banff this past summer. We also agree that it is fun to drive and easy to park (it fits in regular parking spaces, unlike most camping vans). We had people asking us about it all the time, excited to see a vehicle like this one.
Jodi Pollock
People couldn't be nicer and the van is everything I wanted. Let the adventures begin!
Smudgie Pax
The van has a great layout. They really make use of all available space. The bed is really big. You can sit upright in the bed with plenty of headroom. There are a ton of interior lights. You also get a bit of storage under the seats. It is not too extensive but should be enough for a weekend of camping. The awning is fantastic! It is a really cool design. You get coverage on one side completely and even in the back. Looks to be really easy to setup and put away. I set up the bed, then put everything back to seating and it took just a few minutes. Easy. The curtains are a nice touch and the cover for the front and side window have magnet attachments, so it stays in place. The side windows in back open up a bit and have screens so you can get some air flow. Overall the build quality looks really good. The videos will tell you everything you need to know but I can confirm that it looks great in person.
Michael Cory Prevost
Great product and great people. Can't go wrong with Caravan.
If you're looking for a two person compact camping van, you've found it. The Freebird is a Nissan NV200 cargo van that easily converts to a compact camper. I love all the well thought out features like curtains and reading lights and usb ports- and the huge awning practically assembles itself.
Ed Steenman